Precision Ball Screw Shaft Polishing Equipment Tape

Ball Screw/Shaft Polishing

High accurate polishing equipment which can apply on a variety of products from flat surface to rounded surface, such as shafts. It could also work to polish on complicated shapes such as ball crews.

Particulars about Ball Screw/Shaft Polishing


  1. Light weight, Compact design
  2. PLC controlled
  3. Easy to control polishing roughness for different materials with different shapes with our specially developed polishing tape reels.
  4. Dry/Wet polishing available
  5. Adjustable polishing pressure from rough polishing to finishing process for micron Ra.
  6. Each changeable tape roughness for variety of polishing result

Application examples:Car components (Drive shafts, Ball Screws, etc), Printing/Copy machine, OA product components, Machinery parts, Precision shaft products, Metal/Rubber/Plastic/Resin precision parts.

Polishing Head Unit

Flat Shaft Polishing

Flat Shaft Polishing

Flat Surface Polishing

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