Corporate Profile

Aspiring To Be A Company Where Everyone Feels Happy!

Our business is categorized into two major product lines.
First is robotic and machinery line for FPD production, more familiar as displays for TV, smart-phone and PC, and for food / pharmaceutical packaging industry.
Next is the electronic parts line, such as small sized display products, sensors and terminal blocks.

We have developed and spread our business through such products, thus we might call ourselves as an Electronics Trading Company.
However we will not stand only to these fields. Our background of handling with passion, various overseas products such as automobiles and watches, we have been and will continue to be passionate just like as from our establishment.

Therefore, we, MT Asia consider ourselves as a General Trading Company.
We are always ready to aggressively proceed to other fields besides electronics, to satisfy our customers.

Our strong points are our staffs, full of creativity and challenging spirit, each able to create "Value" from "Zero". This is based on our free-spirited, non-conformity corporate culture, giving an opportunity to each individual to make progress.

We will continuously create valuable works to satisfy our customers standing firm on our basic philosophy - Aspiring To Be A Company Where Everyone Feels Happy!

CEO Shigeru Kawashima

Corporate Profile

Name MT Asia Corporation
Address 6F, Naruko Building, 8-4-1, Nishi-Shinjuku,
Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan 160-0023
TEL: 81-3-5925-3860
FAX: 81-3-5386-8531
Foundation Establishment January, 1993
Capital JPY30 million
CEO Shigeru Kawashima
Our Business - Domestic sales of imported LCD and other electronic parts
- Overseas sales of Japanese machinery for semiconductor / LCD production and food packaging


1993 MT Asia Corporation was founded.
1994 Started LCD business as an agency of a Taiwanese manufacturer.
1995 Started overseas sales of machineries for semiconductor/LCD production to Korea.
1996 Expanded semiconductor/LCD machinery business to Taiwan customers.
1997 Increased LCD panel business volume (our LCD was adopted to a mega-hit toy, TAMAGOTCHI.
1998 Significantly enlarged semiconductor machinery business in Korea with driver-IC (TCP) encapsulation & marking machines.
1999 Overseas sales of driver-IC (TCP) encapsulation & marking machines were expanded to Taiwan market.
2000 Started sales of TFT glass substrate handling robots with a Japanese manufacturer to Taiwan LCD production majors.
2001 Started agency sales of pressure sensor products made by a Swiss manufacturer, Intersema Sensoric SA.
2003 Started business with LCD suppliers in Hong Kong and Korea.
2004 Start color LCD business
2005 Started agency sales of terminal blocks made by a Taiwanese manufacturer, Dinkle Enterprise Co., Ltd.
2006 Established MT Asia (HK) Ltd. in Hong Kong.
2008 Started handling various sensor products made by Measurement Specialties Inc.
2009 Dragonchip 8bit flash-microcomputer and embedded boards increased in our product line-up.
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