MT Asia Corporation

Our Policy

  1. Challenge the Global Business under the Policy of "Small Numbers, Exceptional Talent".
  2. Coexistence in Mutual Prosperity with Both Customers and Suppliers.

Our Vision

We aim towards providing customer satisfaction at all times through our best services. To achieve this target, we handle only the best products developed by our suppliers with pride, and those which we can introduce with solid confidence. We, therefore, believe that building an intimate relationship with our suppliers is very important just as with each of our customer.

Core competence of ours are secure financial foundation and the capable members who have no difficulties in adjusting themselves to handle their business in the borderless and complicated world of today. Based upon our policy of "Small Numbers, Exceptional Talent", we have strong confident in our mobility, cost-performance, and service spirit which cannot be imitated by giant trading companies. We seek to exist and prosper together with our customers and suppliers.

  • Corporate Profile
  • Ball Screw/Shaft Polishing
  • Overseas Sales Division
  • Electrical Parts and Supply
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